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Hot Trends Around The Sound

Regional Trends

: The quality of schools is a competitiveness issue for Washington's business community. Good schools can help recruit and retain employees and prepare kids to enter the workforce. Here's a look at how schools in the Puget Sound region stack up when measured by academics, diversity and achievement . (McKinsey & Co. index )

: Nike I nc. CEO Mark Parker on Wednesday announced a massive shakeup in the footwear giant's retail business, saying the company will focus its efforts on just 40 key retail partners . (Portland Business Journal)

: Look around. Are you in Portland? Are you in the bathroom or at a meeting or on a conference call, reading this article from a computer or device while technically "at work"? If so, you could be pa rt of the reason for the latest superlative bestowed upon Stumptown . (Lizzy Acker, The Oregonian)

: The median price of a single - family home in Seattle grew 17.6 percent from a year prior, the biggest increase in 19 months, according to monthly home sales data , released Monday. (Mike Rosenberg, Seattle Times)

: click the link to v iew the slideshow (Puget Sound Business Journal)

Industry Trends

: Home buyers in different regions of the U.S. pay vastly different prices per square foot. The median price per square foot on a new single - family home ranges from $81 to $150 across the country, with the highest being in New England, according to a Nationa l Association of Home Builders analysis. The Pacific Division of the country has the second highest median price, at $138 per square foot. On the other hand, the lowest median prices can be found in the southern regions, with $81 in the East South Central Division, $89 in the West South Central Division, and $91 in the South Atlantic, according to NAH B . (NA of Home Builders)

: The infrastructure around a listing is becoming increasingly important to house hunters. It’s more than just public transportation options; it also include s the condition of highways and sewers, as well as the state of the drinking water . (Realtor.Com)

.: According to a new report -- Emerging Trends in Real Estate 201 8 - published this week by the ULI in partnership with PwC, smaller and secondary U.S. markets are the lead ing property investment themes running through this year's study, with Seattle taking the top spot this year, thanks to its job opportunities, diverse economy and young, educated workforce. (Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2018)

: The city of Austin, Texas, has been named the “most changed” in the country over the last decade, with the most dynamic transformations to its housing market, incomes, crime rates, and economy compared to any other large U.S. metro, according to a new analysis by Magnify Money , a subsidiary of Lendingtree . In fact, several Texas cities topped the list of most evolved e

conomies and housing markets in the last 10 years . (

: Ever since the millennial generation reached adulthood, demographers and social scientists have been exploring the many trends that set this younger gen eration apart from their parents and grandparents. These studies have confirmed that Millennials are very different from Generation X and the baby boomers in many ways. One supposed difference that has recently proven to be incorrect, however, is a lack of interest among Millennials in buying homes. ( Realty Times )

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