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Plan a Smooth Home Sale: Stress-Free Tips for Parents

Plan a Smooth Home Sale: Stress-Free Tips for Parents

Although the home buying process reportedly brings 1 in 3 people to tears, selling a home can be just as stressful. When you add busy schedules and kids to the equation, it can feel downright overwhelming at times. After all, prepping your home for sale requires maintaining a clean, clutter-free home that’s ready for last-minute showings.

Luckily, there’s hope for even the busiest, most exhausted parents. There are ways for you to prepare your home for the sales process, keep it spotless for showings, and still balance all your responsibilities between work and parenting.

Here are some quick, sanity-saving tips:

Cleaning Up

A clean home will be most appealing to potential buyers and will help your home sell more quickly. And it’s one thing to roll up your sleeves and tackle a deep clean; however, keeping a tidy home is easier said than done when you have children. What’s a tired parent to do? One great option is to hire a professional housekeeper. Consider this person your home's guardian angel while it's listed. These pros can easily tackle daily or weekly tasks like quick house tidying, changing sheets and linens, taking out garbage, or even light meal prep to help for the coming week. This little bit of extra help allows you to avoid the crazy and focus on more important things, like prepping for your move!

When you start assessing housekeepers, bear in mind these pros are not a cleaning service, so you shouldn't go into this thinking you'll get a maid. Knowing this should help you easily zero in on the right person for your household.


Staging is something many homeowners overlook, yet it can help you sell your home quicker. Elements of staging include depersonalized, peaceful decor and neutral colors. These techniques help your buyers picture themselves living in your house, boosting your chances of receiving an offer.

Additionally, Veranda recommends reducing clutter, embracing natural light, and adding some house plants for a calm atmosphere. Decluttering is especially beneficial for everyone involved, since it can reduce anxiety and distractions, and give you more time to focus on important things.

As you declutter, use this opportunity to reduce your belongings and eliminate unnecessary stuff from your home. To turn a chaotic mess into calm organization, you might sort kids’ toys into bins and neatly store them in a designated closet. You can also get rid of unused or outgrown items by donating, selling, or recycling them.


Let’s face it: Some parts of your home might need a little TLC before you list it on the market. Before spending time on renovations, understand what buyers in your market want. What features do comparable homes have that yours doesn’t?

To save money, focusing your efforts on boosting curb appeal. First impressions matter, and the right exterior will make a mark on potential buyers as soon as they pull into your driveway. When it comes to the interior, the laundry room and dining room might provide a solid return on investment. According to Kiplinger, 91% of buyers want a separate laundry room, while eat-in kitchens are “a must-have.” Luckily, there’s no need to knock out any walls. You can convert an unused basement into a laundry room, or add an island and bar stools to your kitchen to save effort and expenses.

There are ways to clean, stage, and prep your home for sale without losing your sanity. As a busy parent, the keys are to depersonalize your decor and to ask for help if you need it. For instance, you might hire a local housekeeping service to handle routine tasks so that you can focus on the cleaning. Keeping the paint colors neutral and the rooms as depersonalized as possible will help. Remember, if potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your home, they’ll be more likely to make an offer.

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