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How to Navigate a New Marriage Later in Life

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If you’re marrying in your golden years, you have a chance to create new memories and live out your retirement to the fullest. But it’s essential not to ignore the challenges that lie ahead. From finding the right home to sorting through finances, you and your soon-to-be spouse may need to head to the drawing board before saying “I do.” Below, South Sound Commercial Real Estate discusses some of the most pressing implications of tying the knot as a senior.

Choosing a Home

While it's essential to establish goals as newlyweds, much of your joy will come from experiencing the journey. And one way to make the journey more fun is to find a new place to live together.

Take some time to list out all your needs and preferences, and research the housing market in your desired area to see what kinds of homes are available. Remember to consider your current and future needs and to firmly establish your budget to avoid any financial issues.

Whether you buy a house, condo, or other property, the ultimate goal is to get the most from the new purchase. You want a property that inspires you and enables you to enjoy everyday life, and you want to be able to pay your mortgage comfortably every month.

As you research different lenders, be sure to compare interest rates, but don't forget that you’ll also need superior customer service. Search "Penny Mac" online to find a lender that will provide an exceptional home loan experience inside and out.

Have a Long Conversation

You and your soon-to-be spouse have plenty to talk about. Make time to have a long conversation about the implications and challenges that will come with marriage.

For example, discuss the assets each of you is bringing to the table (e.g., homes, retirement accounts, investments, etc.) and whether you have financial obligations to your children from previous marriages. Are you covering your children's college tuition or any other expenses? Are you navigating a complicated custody situation that could impact your finances or everyday life together?

You'll also need to talk about your credit scores, outstanding debts, and other liabilities. After presenting all the details to each other, you’ll have the information necessary to make sound decisions regarding your future. The more thoroughly you prepare now, the less friction and confusion there will be down the road.

Making Money Together

Think of ways you and your soon-to-be spouse could boost your income together. Maybe you could turn your hobby into a side business or launch a full-fledged company out of something you're both passionate about.

Another option is to invest in real estate, which would allow you to generate an income passively or actively, depending on your level of involvement. Work with an experienced company like South Sound Commercial Real Estate to set yourselves up for success!

Hash Out a Detailed Plan

After having an honest discussion and brainstorming ways to make money together, develop a detailed plan that will guide your steps. Maybe this means establishing a joint bank account for shared household expenses or a joint tenancy investment account. Perhaps this involves reviewing your estate plans and making necessary adjustments to your wills.

Further, find out if you need to update any titles or deeds, and make the necessary changes to your Social Security and tax filing information. You'll eventually want to discuss how to navigate health insurance, long-term care costs, and other factors that will impact your life together.


Getting married is an excellent way to live your golden years to the fullest. But you want to ensure you and your soon-to-be spouse set the stage for success.

Consider getting a new home together, and talk through all the essential decisions you need to make for a thriving marriage. While you're at it, explore ideas for making money and create a detailed plan that will help you accomplish your goals.

Are you looking for a commercial or investment property in the Olympia area? Contact South Sound Commercial Real Estate today! (360) 701-9682


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